"Crammed with the kind of characters and detail that make pages turn and moviemakers salivate, self-described 'mobster, drug lord, and porn kingpin' Gallo’s story of life as a criminal and mafia associate is tantalizing material. ... Honest, critical, occasionally remorseful and always entrancing, this criminal memoir will keep readers on the edge of their seats." «Starred (extremely recommended) review from PUBLISHERS WEEKLY


“The book is profane and scary-violent, and a fair question is whether this newspaper should help promote it. Unfortunately, it is also Orange County history and it would be worse to cover it up.” Orange County Register


"I like to call Kenny Gallo the Renaissance Man of Racketeering. Kenny is a man of many criminal talents: strong-arm stuff, white-collar crime, dealing and smuggling, counterfeiting, and that's just a few of them." Anthony "The Animal" Fiato, Made Man in the L.A. Mafia Family

"Breakshot is an accurate portrayal of life in the adult industry. Being married to a very popular adult star and Howard Stern regular like Tabitha Stevens certainly won't hurt Kenji's sales, either." Ron Jeremy, Adult Entertainment Icon

"Breakshot Kenny Gallo's book about crime and the adult business is mesmerizing. Absolutely amazing ... one masterpiece of storytelling!" Gene Ross, Adult FYI


"Breakshot is densely packed, filled with action, reflection, and wisdom. Buy it if you want to get inside a criminal mind who lived the life most of us only dream about in our most demented moments." Luke Ford, author of A History of X.

"Breakshot is an instant classic of the true-crime genre, a fast-paced whirlwind of vice and violence. Kenny Gallo emerges as one of the more compelling characters of recent history, and his riches-to-snitches story is rendered almost unbelievably. Almost!" Shelton Hull, Folio Weekly

"Kenny Gallo has definitely blown the door wide open on the Mafia, drugs, and the world of pornography. This is not the wannabe Sopranos; this is reality and it is very ugly. Which is why I love it. Fiction could never be this good." Brent Hatley, producer of the Bubba The Love Sponge Show.


“Nothing gets held back in Breakshot as Kenny “Kenji” Gallo provides readers with an unsettling, honest, straight-forward, un-censored version of life in the Mafia. It’s not glorified. It’s not cool. It’s awful. That is exactly what you find throughout the pages—the reader gets the bare bones, stripped down, harsh reality version of the mob lifestyle. This is not the Sopranos. What Gallo chronicles throughout the pages of Breakshot has not received a glossy Hollywood treatment. This mob informant is the real deal.” Entertainment Realm

"Kenji is a man of his word. He always speaks the truth, and what he writes about the Colombo Mafia Family is unbelievably accurate. Kenji is a tough man who stood up to the scum of the Earth and helped ensure that they will get what they deserve." William Cutolo, Jr., Ex-mafioso & Son of Legendary Crime Boss "Wild Bill" Cutolo.

"Kenji is one of the most fascinating people I've ever met. I can guarantee you that Breakshot will be of the most controversial, shocking books ever written about organized crime and the porn industry." Jill Kelly, Adult Entertainment Icon


"Throughout Breakshot, Gallo's "wise-ass", "tough guy" personality remains the biggest attraction. He is sort of like that character you can always count on to get involved in trouble and bring along some outrageous anecdotes. ... He may not be a hero, but he is a survivor, and that certainly makes this autobiography a fun read." Nao Gunji, The Rafu Shimpo



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